Financial and Annual Reports

The Texas Ethics Commission and the Federal Election Commission have shifted the location of their databases. Keeping up with these links is too cumbersome. Please refer to the organizations for our financial reports.

Progress Report for Calendar Year 2014

Progress for years 2015-2017 are relatively unchanged from 2014

Progress Report for 2018-2020

The following messages apply to the VISA and MASTERCARD companies regarding their lack of security in transactions. WE ARE NOT APPLYING THE NEW FEES TO OUR DONORS. Rather, we are charging the companies a fee for having to manually correct their errors when fraudulent transactions are approved. It is suspected that the companies do not have enough incentive to be more vigilant. NOTE: American Express has not given us any trouble.

Announcement to VISA that the company will be charged a fee
Announcement to MASTERCARD that the company will be charged a fee

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