Unethical Politics: Manufacturing Scandals For Profit

by Elizabeth Jensen*, PhD, PE


     In the aftermath of Pizzagate, what has become undeniable for 90% of Americans is that scandals will be manufactured to create favorable news for a particular point of view. While this has been a creeping phenomenon in national politics, it becomes particularly disturbing when the trend is focused locally. Specifically, the information I’m about to detail below appears to indicate that a Washington D.C. company has been hired to target Texas. Namely, the policy of increasing the transfer of taxpayer money to private education interests is being emphasized as a solution to…any local problem that can be blown out of proportion.

     The local problem that occurred and appears to be the leverage point for astroturf politicking was a high school principal speaking “privately” on Facebook in a disrespectful manner about President Trump. A “friend” collected a screen shot of the comment and posted it publicly, because the election season was quite successful at dividing communities. A news report followed on a slow weekend, and then complaints began to arrive with the school’s board of trustees. One of the complainants was unusually vitriolic and took it upon himself/herself to email the whole of Texas’ Congress and Executive [1].

     While the news report was myopic on the event relative to what has become acceptable in the realm of official and private statements, I worked to remind everyone contacting me that we need to cooperate to reach for the Golden Rule: treat each other as we ourselves would like to be treated. As a result, I was made aware of the email that had been so broadly shared. On looking at it, there were a number of irregularities. These irregularities were such that anyone from Texas would recognize them (and I challenge you to do so and see if you can figure it out). I doubted that the individual so vigorously degrading the Texas school district in favor of private education companies actually was a citizen of the state of Texas. I requested permission to investigate and was forwarded their communications [2,3].

     As could be seen from the originator of the email, they neither provided contact information nor any context as to why they had an interest in the subject matter. The use of the yahoo email address also provided a level of obscurity as to his/her origins. Under these circumstances, the next step to identify an anonymous individual is called “social engineering”. I emailed him/her a link with code enabling my collecting their IP address. They didn’t click it, which if you look at the derogatorily dismissive email shown in #3, is unusual for the personality-type being portrayed (“troll”). What did occur was the google search and visit from a Washington D.C. IP address [4]. It was the only visitor that could not be accounted for that day. That Friday, over the weekend, and again on Monday, I monitored the IP address for its ports in use. On Saturday and Sunday, no ports were occupied, while on Friday and Monday there were 32 (out of the most common) occupied. This IP address appears to be used by a small business.

     This leads to the next question of why would some small business in Washington D.C. care about influencing Texas’ policies. The issue being raised here is one of “school choice”. Unlike other states (e.g. Michigan), Texas does not allow taxpayer money to continue to be fed to private education companies that fail to educate their students. We have numerous examples that taxpayer money has been wasted by these entities prior to losing their funding (e.g. Reference #5). School choice legislation, written in ignorance of very real business practices on an emotional knee-jerk reaction, could enable increased income for unethical businesses. Several million dollars collected at the expense of Texas’ communities’ futures is well worth the cost of hiring small company to target our politicians to pass poorly-developed legislation because of voter outrage. And manufacturing outrage simply requires manipulating circumstances.

     While this isn’t conclusive evidence, it’s another datum relative to the whole of the emails’ contents indicating that moneyed interests may be attempting to manipulate Texas’ policy priorities without registering as paid lobbyists. I suggest that all policy-makers take this into account when processing concerned voter emails. They may not be a voter, and their only concern may be how much money can they take from Texas’ future.




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Dear Governor Abbott, Senators and Congressmen,

School choice should be a top priority for the current legislative session.

This is one more reason for implementing school choice in Texas:

Principal Diaka Carter, Spring High School (Spring, TX I.S.D.), posted
racially charged statements (reference article below) on her Facebook page
and so far no disciplinary action has been taken against her by either the
Superintendent, Rodney E. Watson or by the Board of Trustees which consists
of Deborah Jensen, Chris A. Bell, Justine Durant, Rhonda L. Faust, Rhonda
Newhouse, Donald Davis and Jana Gonzales.

Our children must never be subjected to an unstable school principal like
Diaka Carter.  However in too many Texas school systems people who have no
business being around children but nevertheless occupy supervisory and
teaching positions are protected by irresponsible superintendents and
boards of trustees.  Spring, TX, I.S.D. makes this point abundantly clear.

Let's not only better educate our children but also protect them by giving
parents and students school choice.


Texas principal under fire for anti-Trump Facebook post

Texas principal under fire for anti-Trump Facebook post
A Spring High School principal's Facebook page is "under review" after an
anti-Trump post she made...

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8s33I4BamKlTIacFoo1fwjblGuQSLkItOoqUrjIviH3fSoTetWSnXKvWWVlT =
From: Jack Pearson <macktp21@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Ms. Carter
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 20:21:47 -0600
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Cc: macktp21@yahoo.com
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On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 11:16 AM, Jack Pearson <macktp21@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Jensen,
> Please do not pervert the teachings of our Lord and Savior.  It is quite
> possible to go to church and still not be a saved christian which means
> Jensen can approve all manner of vile behavior while wearing sheep's
> clothing.  The bible says that you will know them by their fruit and
> Jensen's fruit is foul.
> Even King David, from whom Jesus Christ descended, had to suffer the
> consequences of sin.  He never had peace in his house after sinning with
> Bathsheba and also lost his son Absolom which crushed him.  Ms. Carter has
> the right to say what she wants.  However, as a public figure on tax
> payer's payroll she should be willing to suffer consequences for the vile
>  contempt towards caucasians she posted at her Facebook page.   She should
> not occupy ANY government paid position at ANY level ANYWHERE.
> By not firing Carter you condone nazi attitudes.  You are opening the door
> for Hitler's racism and hatred to be practiced by influential school
> officials.  Just imagine if Ms. Carter had been caucasian and made similar
> comments about Obama's inaugural crowd and cabinet members using reverse
> racial labels when he became president.  You would not have thought twice
> about firing her.  Carter is an unstable fanatic who has no business being
> around children of any age, race or religion.
> You are a liar and a hypocrite and please don't try to pass yourself off
> as a christian when you encourage this vile behavior to happen by not
> firing the racist who posted these dangerous comments on her Facebook page.
> Your response is sociopathic and hypocritically cloaked in sheep's
> clothing which makes you a very sick puppy.  It agrees with and condones
> Ms. Carters radical racism and is certainly NOT christian.
> You are unfit.
> I urge you to resign.
> On Wednesday, January 25, 2017 9:48 AM, DEBORAH JENSEN <
> djensen@springisd.org> wrote:
> Mr. Pearson,
> I agree that the expression of Ms. Carter's opinion on her personal
> Facebook page was unprofessional. Upon reading it, I decided that she was
> was being personally disrespectful to the president and his cabinet;
> however, as we've seen with the campaigns and various comments made about
> President Obama and his cabinet, this is by no means socially unacceptable
> among political conservatives. The only issue, aside from praying for
> Christians to remember Jesus' teachings of treating others as we would want
> to be treated, is that perhaps we all need a reminder of responsible use of
> social media. I see these sorts of expressions of disgust all the time
> across the spectrum of political opinion, so it would be inconsistent to
> have one individual doing a good job leave due to an error in judgement. We
> need to lead by example.
> Deborah L. Jensen, Ph.D.
> President, Board of Trustees
> Spring Independent School District
> Spring, Texas 77373
> Phone: 281-353-8224
> djensen@springisd.org
> On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 8:21 PM, Jack Pearson <macktp21@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Ms. Jensen,
> Why do you allow a clearly racist, Ms. Carter, to continue being principal.
> You may be as disgusting as she is if you sit and allow this woman to
> continue being on the payroll.
> Mr. Pearson

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“Texas lets troubled Dallas, Houston charter schools die slow death”

by Holly K. Hacker, Dallas News
Dr. Deborah Jensen of Spring ISD is the author's mother.
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