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Texas State & Local NEWS: 2021 February 6

Federal Watchdog Probing Sen. Ted Cruz’s Efforts To Change Pandemic Loan Program https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/politics/2021/02/05/390818/federal-watchdog-probing-sen-ted-cruzs-efforts-to-change-pandemic-loan-program/ Houston-Area Republican Who Helped Trump Campaign Challenge Joe Biden’s Win Will Lead Election Work In Texas House https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/politics/2021/02/05/390813/republican-who-helped-trump-campaign-challenge-joe-bidens-win-will-lead-election-work-in-texas-house/ Texas Officials Temporarily Blocked From Kicking Planned Parenthood Out Of Medicaid https://www.kut.org/health/2021-02-03/texas-officials-temporarily-blocked-from-kicking-planned-parenthood-out-of-medicaid With John Cornyn’s Support, New Texas Coalition Forms To Push For Congressional …

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Texas state & local news

Texas State & Local NEWS: 2021 February 5

Texas Tenants Behind On Rent Will Soon Be Able To Seek Aid From $1.3 Billion [US Treasury Dept] Assistance Program https://patch.com/texas/houston/s/hexgo/texas-tenants-behind-on-rent-will-soon-be-able-to-seek-aid-from-1-3-billion-assistance-program Israeli Jewish Antifa hacks KKK website, doxxes members [Much of their activities are focused on the State of Texas, which the organization believes is where a majority of dangerous white supremacist organizations are based] …

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Texas State & Local NEWS: 2021 January 25

May Elections Campaign filing period open for Pearland City Council Positions 2, 4 https://communityimpact.com/houston/pearland-friendswood/government/2021/01/22/campaign-filing-period-open-for-pearland-city-council-positions-2-4/ Filing period open for Katy ISD board of trustees election https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/election/2021/01/22/filing-period-open-for-katy-isd-board-of-trustees-election/ Filing period open for Katy City Council election https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/election/2021/01/22/filing-period-open-for-katy-city-council-election/ 1,000 TREES PLANTED DURING HOUSTON’S 35th ANNUAL ARBOR DAY PLANTING CEREMONY TO HELP REDUCE STREET FLOODING Trees planted in street medians …

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Texas state & local news

Texas state & local NEWS: 2020 December 22

Deeply Divided: Judicial Selection Commission Weighs Eliminating Partisan Elections https://www.law.com/texaslawyer/2020/12/21/deeply-divided-judicial-selection-commission-weighs-eliminating-partisan-elections/ Starting in the New Year, Houston appellate litigator April Farris will have a new role: as an appointed justice on the First Court of Appeals. https://www.law.com/texaslawyer/2020/12/21/this-houston-lawyer-just-rose-to-the-appellate-bench/ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday appointed Houston litigator Randy Wilson to the 14th Court of Appeals. https://www.law.com/texaslawyer/2020/12/21/a-susman-godfrey-partner-just-rose-to-judge-of-houstons-14th-court-of-appeals/ Harris …

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