May Election

Jersey Village drafts budget for new fire prevention fund ahead of May ballot item

Referee PAC Meeting

Check out this Meetup: Discussion on reviving media productions #Meetup via @Meetup

Ted Cruz, John Cornyn vote in favor of failed attempt to dismiss Trump impeachment case via @TexasTribune

Census Delays Will Force Texas Lawmakers Into A Special Session To Redraw Political Maps

I Spent A Month Trying To Find Out What Chemicals Are Stored Near My Home. I Still Don’t Know

Harris County purchases 12,000 new hybrid voting machines ahead of May 1 elections

Harris County infuses more than $25M to keep sheriff's, district attorney's offices afloat amid COVID-19 staffing challenges

TxDOT opens public comment period on Shepherd-Durham project

East Austin’s Natasha Harper-Madison, West Austin's Alison Alter will each serve one year as mayor pro tem

Newly renovated building to house city of Conroe departments

Stopping storm surge: Coastal barrier aims to protect Greater Houston area

Sugar Land City Council assesses future of 4 municipal trails

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