Summary: Assuming twice-bad-faith actor ERCOT doesn’t renege again, Austin electricity customers will get discounts unlike customers in deregulated areas, road usage statistics FINALLY, & more!

League City City Council approves rezoning to make way for controversial apartment development

After winter storm, electricity reform dominates House, Senate priorities for 87th Texas Legislature

More than 3 years after Hurricane Harvey, several east Harris County watersheds remain behind on flood-control funding

Montrose TIRZ presents ‘Liveable Centers’ plan for long-term investments in affordable housing, infrastructure

Broadway Street is Pearland's most congested road, according to Texas A&M study [note: road use statistics at last! Now we need to know how much the traffic is expected to change w/ the road widening & how long the benefit is expected to last]

Montgomery County commissioners ask for apology from The Woodlands Township over theft accusation

Montgomery County appoints 5 new board members to ESD 10 following resignations

Austin Energy made $54M in revenue after winter storm, which means customers stand to benefit, for now

Austin, Travis County plan to enforce masking despite governor’s order

3 days to PI Day

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