A complaint has been received relative to the details in the following article on the actions taken by Texas Governor Abbott against Texas House District 134 Representative Sarah Davis. Specifically:

1) “The governor even misled Texans about Davis’ actions on disaster relief funding, claiming she tried to remove it from Abbott’s office, when there’s video proof she did just the opposite.”

2) “bombardment of fancy fliers spewing untruths…’a hooded Mideast figure with a rifle on his back,’ claiming Davis was aiding the terrorists”

3) “Other campaign materials tout another false claim: that Davis supports late-term abortions.”

Abbott settles scores but the GOP could pay the price
By Lisa Falkenberg
March 4, 2018

1 thought on “Complaint: Abbott settles scores but the GOP could pay the price”

  1. No materials referenced in the article could be obtained. Attempts to contact Ms. Falkenberg and Ms. Davis received no response. This complaint is closed.

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