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Purpose: Lets assume that the best people for the job are not actually the ones running for political office. Why? My experience was two-fold starting with the discomfort of feeling “judged” and followed with the personal-attack-when-gaining-ground-on-issues. A 3rd party group deceived voters to get their preferred candidate elected.

Premise: good people don’t want to run for office or good people choose to not run again because of these personal attacks turning into unfair judgments that have nothing to do with the job of serving in office.

Approach: Create a PAC with the two purposes of increasing informed voter turnout (particularly in local elections) and acting as a referee when campaigns get ugly in the sense of awarding support to the injured party. Non-ideological and nonpartisan, the issue on which this PAC is focused is “fair play”.

Accountability: Financial and Annual Reports.

Questions: email questions to info@refpac.org, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who we are: My name is Elizabeth Jensen, PhD, PE, and I’m serving as the Treasurer for Referee PAC. So far RefPAC consists of myself and the Assistant Treasurer, Patricia Navarro. We are recruiting volunteers and referees, who with time will become officers and take over the organization. Please contact me for more information (contact info above).

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