“Conservative Republicans of Texas” Mailer Complaint

We are investigating the following material published by the “Conservative Republicans of Texas” PAC for its reference sources (if they exist) in order to inform voters of the basis on which the claims within the material are founded (or not).

Negatively impacted candidates include:

U.S. Senator

Reid Reasor
Curt Cleaver
Linda Vega
Steve Stockman
Ken Cope
Chris Mapp
Dwayne Stovall

U.S. Rep Dist. 8

Craig McMichael

U.S. Rep Dist. 36

John Amdur
John Manlove
Kim Morrell
Doug Centilli
Jim Engstrand
Pat Kasprzak
Brian Babin
Phil Fitzgerald
Dave Norman
Chuck Meyer
Robin Riley


Miriam Martinez
SECEDE Kilgore
Lisa Fritsch

Lieutenant Governor

Todd Staples
Jerry Patterson
David Dewhurst

Attorney General

Dan Branch
Ken Paxton


Glenn Hegar
Debra Medina
Raul Torres

Land Commissioner

David Watts

Agriculture Commissioner

Eric Opiela
J. Allen Carnes
Tommy Merritt
Joe Cotton

Railroad Commissioner

Malachi Boyuls
Wayne Christian
Becky Berger

Chief Justice Supreme Court

Nathan Hecht

Justice Supreme Court Place 6

Joe Pool

Justice Supreme Court Place 8

Phil Johnson

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3

Barbara Walther

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4

Richard Dean Davis
Jani Jo Wood

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9

David Newell

State Senator Dist. 7

James Wilson

State Senator Dist. 17

Derek Anthony

State Rep Dist. 129

Mary Huls
Brent Perry
Sheryl Berg
Briscoe Cain
Chuck Maricle
Jeff Larson

State Rep Dist. 132

Justin D. Perryman
Ann Hodge
Michael Franks

State Rep Dist. 134

Sarah Davis

State Rep Dist. 149

Nghi T. Ho

State Rep Dist. 150

Tony Noun

Justice 1st Court of Appeals Place 3

Dan Linebaugh
Chad Bridges

Dist. Judge 246th

Angelina D.A. Gooden

Dist. Judge 247th

Melanie Flowers
ML Walker

Dist. Judge 263rd

Robert Summerlin

Dist. Judge 269th

John Wittenmyer

Family Dist. Judge 311th

Donna Detamore
Alicia Franklin
Philip Placzek
Anthony Magdaleno

Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #10

Tonya Rolland McLaughlin
Ken Wenzel
Mary Heafner

Dist. Clerk

Chris Daniel

County Treasurer

Orlando Sanchez

County School Trustee At Large Place 5

Mike Wolfe

County School Trustee At Large Place 7

Dianne Williams

Justice of the Peace Pct. 4, Place 2

Lena Engelage
Nasir H. Malik
Dean Combs
Louis Guthrie

Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2

Erik Michael Hassan

Harris County Republican Party Chairman

Paul Simpson
Wendy McPherson Berry

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    Subject: Conservative Republicans of Texas Treasurer Request for Information
    From: info@refpac.org
    Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 11:06 am
    To: HAnnah.hamilton@gophq.com
    Dear Ms. Hamilton,
    We (Referee PAC) received a request from a voter in the area covered by a recent Conservative Republicans of Texas mailer (see link below). The voter would like us to peruse the reference source materials on which the claims within the mailer are based. Since this is relative to an election coming soon and the mailer was recently distributed, we assume that Mr. Bart Standley (and associates) have all these references ready at hand. Due to the sheer size of candidates/office holders involved, he (they) can take the weekend assembling a package. We would like to receive this package by the end of the business day on Tuesday (January 21, 2014) to evaluate the contents.

    Thank you for receiving this message on Mr. Standley’s behalf (as we discussed on the phone), and we look forward to hearing from Mr. Standley soon.
    Elizabeth Jensen, PhD, PE
    Referee PAC, Treasurer
    (832) 279-3619

    Conservative Republicans of Texas mailer link: https://refpac.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/photo.pdf

    Copyright © 2003-2014. All rights reserved.

  2. No response was received. Mr. Standley, the state Ethics Commission’s point of contact for “Conservative Republicans of Texas” PAC, was posted on the “Wall of Shame” for the PACs failing to verify the material published in the mailer. A certified letter (tracking #70132630000089275223) was mailed to Mr. Standley advising him of this decision with the request that he contact us if he would like to appeal.


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