Modern Cowards

Spring ISD’s Spring High School needs to be replaced. I recently attended a volleyball game at my old Alma Mater (Class of 1993)…We’re talking 20 years ago when it was roughly middle aged…And was surprised to discover that the gym where I had played hadn’t been replaced. The building had a new facade, but that’s not where the education takes place. Buildings age, especially ones that were built in an age before intensive cyber activity, various security and safety challenges, and house a small town’s worth of teenagers and all their angst and energy. So now enter Senator Bettencourt, sneaking behind a Political Action Committee.

“Coalition for Good Government PAC” just mass messaged a lot of voters with a toxic message, and no justification for these claims. With the lack of any references, lets start with asking who these people are.

Senator, if you have a problem with Spring High School’s students having a safer and more secure building in which to learn, then come out here and present your case. Until you do, I’m calling you a COWARD.

Also some of us haven’t forgotten how former Harris County Tax Assessor Bettencourt resigned immediately after being elected, enabling his replacement to avoid explaining priorities and loyalties to voters. Do you believe in democracy or not, Senator?

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