We Are Looking For A Short-Term Hire!

Referee PAC needs to hire a researcher to assist with the May Election cycle!

We pay $12.22/hour
Job Description
The work consists of contacting our list of special districts to inquire if they have anything on the May ballot (bonds, elections, etc). If they do, then follow up to gather sufficient information for sharing with our voters. Except for interfacing with Dr. Jensen over the phone, this work is done by email, so there are no set work hours. It is for approximately 20 hours of work to be completed in March.

To Apply
Please send to info@refpac.org a one page resume with experience (paid & volunteer), including a non-family reference from one of them. Priority will be given to students interested in Government Studies (or similar) and any applicants who find a technical error in our database at: https://refpac.org

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